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All-in-One Sidebar

  • Firefox 49 - 56.*

438 KB, released 08/16/2017

All-in-One Sidebar on Firefox Add-ons at Please remember to rate it! :-)


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Known issues and troubleshooting


The development of this extension has been discontinued. The All-in-One Sidebar will stop working in November 2017 with the release of Firefox 57. Please read my statement.

These are the known issues of All-in-One Sidebar. Be sure that I work for solutions as soon as possible.

Please report bugs which are not listed here. Thanks in advance! But please make sure that it's really a bug of AiOS and post usable and meaningful information.

Issues of All-in-One Sidebar

Fixed issues of AiOS

  • Mac OS X: Panels are empty after closing the window (not exiting the process) and opening a new one.
  • The preference Tools > Options > Downloads > Show the Downloads window when downloading a file is not saved.
  • The Sidebar Switch is hidden when closing Firefox in fullscreen mode and re-open it. Temporary fix: disable and re-enable the fullscreen mode.
  • The autohiding feature will only hide the sidebar panel and not the AiOS Toolbar if the Page Source panel and afterwards another panel was opened in the sidebar. Additionally the Page Source can't be open by using the toolbar button before restarting Firefox.
  • about:config isn't working in a tab if it was opened in the MultiPanel before. Mostly it can be "fixed" by restarting Firefox. Sometimes it seems to be necessary to disable AiOS, restart Firefox, enable AiOS and restart Firefox again.
  • The Page Source panel will not show the correct source code if the page was sent by a form with the method POST.
  • Win Vista & 7: There are some very small theme problems (e.g. there is no border between the sidebar and the webcontent when the sidebar is on the right side; the tooltip of the Sidebar Switch is cropped).
  • Mac OS X: The AiOS Toolbar and the Sidebarheader Toolbar are not customizable.
  • Mac OS X: AiOS items are not greyed out when the window lost the focus.
  • Mac OS X: Some minor layout problems (preference panel looks different than native preference panels, background of downloads button looks different).
  • There are problems with the shortcuts for "Open Tab in Sidebar" and "Open Sidebar in Tab".
    • Maybe Ctrl+Shift+X will not work.
    • Maybe Ctrl+V will not work in other localizations than english and german.
  • The feature "Automatically Scroll to Selected Folder" is not working correct when selecting a folder below the currently opened folder.
  • Some pages zoomed when displayed in MultiPanel.
  • After starting the browser you have to click (hover if autohide is enabled) twice to open the sidebar, when it is configured to be closed at startup.
  • Mostly the downloads panel is empty after opening if it's configured to open automatically when starting a download.
  • The empty Add-ons Manager opens in a window after installing extensions and restarting the browser.
  • Cleaning the download list won't reset the downloads counter in the sidebar header.
  • Restoring the default toolbar set of the AiOS-Toolbar does not work.
  • It may happen that the extension list is empty after installing an extension and restarting the browser. Simply click on the extensions button on top of the sidebar panel to get back the list.
  • Maybe a window will open for a short time (~1 second) when starting a download, even if the corresponding manager should open in the sidebar.
  • The downloads sidebar opens in each window of the browser when the option Tools > Options... > Main > Downloads > Show the Downloads window when downloading a file is enabled. And the sidebar closes in each window when the option Tools > Options... > Main > Downloads > Close it when all downloads are finished is enabled.
  • The progress indication of ongoing downloads may not work correctly. Toggling the downloads sidebar "solves" the problem.
  • Sidebar collapsing will not work.
  • The small screen rendering (MultiPanel) is not working.
  • All sidebar panels are empty after opening and closing the print preview window.
  • Bookmarks will not open when middle-clicking on a folder in the bookmarks panel.
  • Deleting toolbar seperators is very difficult since they are invisible in customizing mode.
  • The Sidebar Switch is hidden in full screen mode, independently of the settings in the options dialog.
  • The sidebar bounces in and out when placing the bookmark items on the AiOS Toolbar.

Conflicts with other add-ons

Fixed conflicts with other extensions

  • The Add-on Collector panel isn't optimized for the display inside of the sidebar.
  • AiOS is not compatible with Greasemonkey 0.9. The GM panel will not be shown when using the Add-ons Manager in the sidebar.
  • AiOS is not compatible with Hide Caption. Don't use them together.
  • The shortcut Ctrl+F4 closes two tabs in conjunction with Favicon Picker.
  • You can't remove icons from the AiOS Toolbar when using the Skype extension for Firefox.
  • The AiOS Toolbar is empty in conjunction with Gnome Classic.
  • The buttons on the AiOS Toolbar are doubled in conjunction with Yandex.Bar.
  • Custom Buttons2 is not working very well in conjunction with AiOS. Until I fix this problem in the next release of AiOS, you could "solve" the problem by installing TotalToolbar.
  • The sidebar width is set to 0 pixels after starting and closing FoxSaver while the sidebar is hidden. Restarting Firefox "solves" the problem.
  • The sidebar hides automatically if the mouse hovers a website inside the Tab Sidebar panel and the automatic show/hide feature is enabled.
  • AiOS is not working very well in conjunction with TotalToolbar. But you don't need this fantastic extension while you use AiOS. :-) It contains nearly the same features. You may like this extension after the next update of AiOS. Please read more if you interested...
  • You can't move buttons from the statusbar to other toolbars while Organize Status Bar is enabled. Maybe you also can't add buttons to the statusbar.
  • There is no option for the Mainmenu Toolbar at View > Toolbars if using Hide Menubar.
  • WebChunks won't display webslices in its toolbar.

Issues of Firefox or of other extensions which affects All-in-One Sidebar