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All-in-One Sidebar 0.7.31

  • Firefox 49 - 51.*

436 KB, released 11/06/2016

All-in-One Sidebar on Firefox Add-ons at Please remember to rate it! :-)


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FAQ - Frequently asked questions and answers

I will try to answer the most frequently asked questions. Additionally some customization hacks for the userChrome.css could be find here. You'll get additional answers in the forum.


  1. How can I add/remove other buttons to/from the AiOS toolbar?

    Right-click on the AiOS-Toolbar and choose Customize.... Just drag and drop items from the customization window to the toolbar or vice versa.

    You miss buttons for some extensions? This is not an issue of AiOS. Please write to the author of the according extension. Or you could use Custom Buttons² to create your own buttons. You will get help in the Custom Buttons forum to do that.

  2. How can I change the mode and/or icon size of the buttons on the AiOS-Toolbar?

    Right-click on the AiOS-Toolbar and choose one of the options

    • Icons and Text, Icons, Text
    • Use Small Icons
    • Flexible Buttons

  3. How can I move the AiOS toolbar, e.g. to above the sidebar?

    Right-click on the AiOS-Toolbar and choose Above Sidebar.

  4. The AiOS-Toolbar is always hidden and I can't get it back. How to fix that?

    Sometimes users reporting this. But until now I can't reproduce such errors. And because I can't see any problem I have to assume that there are problems/errors in your profile.

    1. Please check if the setting View > Toolbars > All-in-One Sidebar Toolbar is enabled.
    2. Please try to force the showing of the toolbar by disabling and enabling the option View > Toolbars > All-in-One Sidebar Toolbar.
    3. I have to assume that your localstore.rdf is broken if #1 and #2 doesn't help. This file stores customized data of the interface and is often corrupted after updates of extensions or Firefox itself.
      You could reset toolbars by starting Fx in Safe Mode and choosing Reset toolbars and controls. Attention: You will lost all your toolbar configurations!
  5. I lost my toolbar customizations on startup. What's going on?

    Mostly this is a problem of Firefox itself and has nothing to do with AiOS. Please read this article at the knowledge base and follow the instructions.

  6. What's the difference between the Sidebar Switch and the Sidebar Grippy?

    Please see this screenshot. The item with the blue border is the Sidebar Switch (the hover color is also blue). This one can hide and show the sidebar and the toolbar, it can be wide as on the screenshot and it can be thin. You can customize the appearance and the behavior in the options dialog View > Sidebar > All-in-One Sidebar Options... > General > Sidebar Switch.

    The item with the red border is the Sidebar Grippy (the hover color is orange). This one can hide and show only the sidebar. But it doesn't really hide the sidebar - it only collapses the sidebar. The advantage is that the sidebar content doesn't have to be reloaded when you show the sidebar again. Simply try it. :-)

    You can enable/disable the Switch and the Grippy in the View menu.

  7. How can I completely hide the Sidebar Switch?

    Deselect it under View > Sidebar Switch.

  8. What is the Advanced Options Mode and where can I enable this?

    Some users want a light version of AiOS. But unfortunately I have no time to develop different versions. Additionly it would be very difficult to do this, because surely every user would see different features in different versions. So I had the idea to integrate all features and hide some advanced settings by default. This makes the options dialog a little bit cleaner and easier to use.

    You enable the Advanced Mode in the menu of the Settings button at bottom of the AiOS options dialog View > Sidebar > All-in-One Sidebar Options....

    After enabling this feature you'll see a bigger dialog and some red typed options in different areas.

  9. What is “Opera's Behavior”?

    This is a specified behavior of the AiOS Shortcut, the Sidebar Switch and the AiOS Button. You enable this feature in the options dialog by selecting it under General > Special > Toggle Sidebar. The Advanced Options Mode must be enabled.

    If you enable this feature for e.g. the Sidebar Switch, then the Switch will show/hide the sidebar and the toolbar, if both were visible or invisible. But the Sidebar Switch will show/hide only the toolbar, if only the toolbar were visible at this time.
    Excuse me, but for me this is very difficult to explain it in english. Just try it. :-)

  10. I can't uninstall an extension. What's going on?

    Or you get the message "Firefox is checking for a compatibility update to xyz", the right-click menu is greyed-out and you can't uninstall these item(s)?

    Sometimes this and/or similar problems happens for different extensions. It's not a bug related to AiOS. Please delete following files from your profile folder while all Firefox windows are closed:

    • extensions.cache
    • extensions.ini
    • extensions.log
    • extensions.rdf

    New files will be generated automatically when you restart Firefox.

  11. What means “Sidebar Collapsing”?

    The sidebar can collapse instead of closing. The advantage is that the sidebar content doesn't have to reload after re-opening. This is really a booster for the sidebar handling - it responds much faster. The default behavior of closing the sidebar unloads the opened panel from the memory. All settings, cursor positions and so on are gone.

    An example: You open the bookmarks panel, open some folders and scroll down the list. You open a bookmark and close the sidebar to get a bigger viewport. After reading the page you open the bookmarks panel again. The panel is now scrolled back to the top and you have to search again the previous folder.

    Now I suppose "Sidebar Collapsing" is enabled. You open the bookmarks panel, scroll down, open a bookmark, close the sidebar and read the page. Now you open the sidebar again and the list is still scrolled down to the last position. You will love that! :-)


    • Perhaps you can observe a strange behavior. Supposed you open the history and then close the sidebar. Now you open e.g. the extensions panel. You will see the history for a short time before the extensions panel will open. This happens, because the history was still loaded (only invisible), and the extension panel needs some time to show up all items (the more extensions are installed the more time is needed).
    • The feature works only if you open a panel, close the sidebar and re-open the sidebar; not for switching between different panels.
    • The feature could cause problems with other sidebar extensions. At present I know of comaptibility problems in conjunction with EZ Sidebar. The feature will not work if you use this extension and the setting in the options dialog will be greyed out.

    Enabling/disabling the Sidebar Collapsing feature (enabled by default): View > Sidebar > All-In-One Sidebar Options... > General > Special > Sidebar Collapsing.

  12. I always get an update notification (“All-in-One Sidebar has been updated!”). How can I disable this?

    • open the MultiPanel (via the blue cross button or View > Sidebar > MultiPanel)
    • open about:config
    • perhaps you will get a warning message: click on "I'll be careful, I promise!"
    • type aios.changelog in the filter field on top of the panel
    • double-click on the result item
    • type the current version of AiOS (Tools > Add-ons > Extensions > All-in-One Sidebar), e.g. 0.7.10 and click OK

Themes & Cosmetics

  1. How can I hide the labels of the “Tools” buttons in the bookmarks & history panel?

    Please add the following code to your userChrome.css

    /* hide labels of tools buttons in bookmarks & history panel */
    #bookmarksPanel #viewButton > label,
    #history-panel #viewButton > label {
    	display: none !important;
  2. I use the theme 'XYZ'. Why it looks strange?

    Because the theme has no support for AiOS. Please write to the theme developer and tell him your wishes. :-)

    Or try to find a fix in the forum...

  3. How can I hide the version numbers in the add-ons and themes panel?

    Please add the following code to your userChrome.css

    /* hide version numbers of add-ons */
    .addonVersion {
    	display: none !important;
  4. How can I hide the icons in the add-ons and downloads panel?

    Please add the following code to your userChrome.css

    /* hide icons of add-ons and downloads */
    .downloadTypeIcon {
    	display: none !important;
  5. How can I hide the labels from buttons in most sidebar panels?

    Please add the following code to your userChrome.css

    /* hide labels from buttons in most sidebars 
    (Downloads, Extensions, Themes, WebPanel, Error-Console, PageInfo) */
    #bookmarksPanel toolbarbutton > label,
    #bookmarksPanel button > label,
    #history-panel toolbarbutton > label,
    #history-panel button > label,
    #downloadManager toolbarbutton > label,
    #downloadManager button > label,
    #downloadManager #cleanUpButton label,
    #extensionsManager toolbarbutton > label,
    #extensionsManager #commandBarBottom button > * > label,
    #webpanels-window toolbarbutton > label,
    #JSConsoleWindow toolbarbutton > label,
    #inforeload-button > label {
    	display: none !important;
    #downloadManager toolbarbutton > image,
    #downloadManager button > image,
    #downloadManager #cleanUpButton image,
    #extensionsManager toolbarbutton > image,
    #extensionsManager #commandBarBottom button image,
    #JSConsoleWindow toolbarbutton > image {
    	margin: 0px !important;
    	padding: 0px !important;
  6. How can I get a smaller AiOS-Toolbar?

    Right-click on the AiOS-Toolbar and choose Use Small Icons. If that's not enough add the following code to your userChrome.css

    /* smaller AiOS-Toolbar */
    #aios-toolbar {
       padding: 0px !important;
    #aios-toolbar[orient="vertical"][iconsize="small"] toolbarbutton:not([type="menu-button"]):not([id="go-button"]):not([anonid="search-go-button"]){
       padding: 2px !important;