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All-in-One Sidebar

  • Firefox 49 - 56.*

438 KB, released 08/16/2017

All-in-One Sidebar on Firefox Add-ons at Please remember to rate it! :-)


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Contributors of All-in-One Sidebar


The development of this extension has been discontinued. The All-in-One Sidebar will stop working in November 2017 with the release of Firefox 57. Please read my statement.

I thank the following developers for inspiration and snippets (in alphabetical order):

Last but not least I thank all users who helped by testing the development builds, reporting bugs in the forum, sharing their ideas and suggestions or just write a nice comment. :-) Thank you very much!

I thank the following translators (alphabetically by language code):

Arabic (Saudi Arabia) ar-SA Natty Dreed
Belarusian be-BY Drive DRKA
Czech cs-CZ Jiří Doubravský
Danish da Finn Sørensen
German de Ingo Wennemaring (Author)
Greek el Sonickydon
English (Great Britain) en-GB Ian Moody
English (USA) en-US Ingo Wennemaring (Author), Ian Moody
Spanish (Argentina) es-AR Alberto Jorge Cushnir
Spanish (Spain) es-ES Proyecto NAVE
Estonian et-EE stabisol
Finnish fi-FI Mikko Tervahauta
French fr Jean-Bernard Marcon
Hebrew he-IL SiiiE
Croatian hr-HR Krcko
Hungarian hu-HU kami, Henriett Peller, Sil
Armenian (Armenia) hy-AM Babayan Eduard
Italian it Luana di Muzio, Roccobot
Japanese ja-JP javascript, Premier
Korean ko-KR Flactal
Lithuanian lt-LT Jonas Slivka
Norwegian (Bokmål) nb-NO Anders Aase Martinsen
Dutch nl Gert-Paul van der Beek
Polish pl Leszek Życzkowski, Tomasz Lipski
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR Rodrigo Bergmann Laurindo, E.R.D'Avila
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT Carlos Simão, Jorge Laranjo, zefranc
Romanian ro Cătălin Zamfirescu
Russian ru-RU Quicksilver tears
Slovak sk-SK Martin Peterčák
Albanian sq-AL Puntori
Serbian (Cyrillic) sr ?????????, dragan021, Rasa
Swedish sv-SE Cecilia B, Carlos Murakami, Richard Norén
Turkish tr-TR Erkan Kaplan, Mehmet Gokhan
Ukrainian uk-UA Yaroslav Krytsun
Vietnamese (Vietnam) vi Trần Anh Minh, NGUYỄN Mạnh Hùng
Chinese (Simplified) zh-CN blackdire, Long G.W., George C. Tsoi
Chinese (Traditional) zh-TW Unicorn2, Willy Young

I also obviously thank the team at for their great work!