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All-in-One Sidebar

  • Firefox 49 - 56.*

438 KB, released 08/16/2017

All-in-One Sidebar on Firefox Add-ons at Please remember to rate it! :-)


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Changelog and history


The development of this extension has been discontinued. The All-in-One Sidebar will stop working in November 2017 with the release of Firefox 57. Please read my statement.

  • added
  • changed
  • fixed
  • other

This is the history of All-in-One Sidebar. You also could download older versions of the extension. But be warned! Please install only old versions if you know what you're doing. :-) It could cause problems if you switch from one version to an older version. - 08/16/2017 - FF 49 to 56.*

Please read my statement on the website:
installations/downloads: 32015

0.7.31 - 11/06/2016 - FF 49 to 51.*

  • remove support for deprecated error console
  • sidebar close button doesn’t work with third-party extensions
  • addon panel is displayed wrong when opened in a tab
  • update notification in addon panel doesn’t appear
installations/downloads: 12332

0.7.30 - 08/21/2016 - FF 48 to 50.*

  • disable sidebar collapsing by default (temporarily as quickfix)
  • apply and ok button in preferences not working
  • small code fixes
installations/downloads: 7714

0.7.29 - 08/06/2016 - FF 48 to 48.*

  • sidebar panels open in new windows (the option “Open in Sidebar” for all panels has no effect)
  • the option “Open in Sidebar” for all panels has no effect
installations/downloads: 9392

0.7.28 - 01/03/2016 - FF 43 to 44

  • update localizations
  • page info shows no information when opened in a window
    (page info still shows no information when opened in the sidebar)
installations/downloads: 15672

0.7.27 - 10/04/2015 - FF 41 to 42.*

  • enable multiprocess compatibility in install manifest
  • settings for fullscreen mode are ignored
  • hide sidebar switch by default in fullscreen mode
  • global notification for available updates isn't showing in addon panel
installations/downloads: 6883

0.7.26 - 08/02/2015 - FF 39 to 40.*

  • update localizations
  • improve addons panel for Fx40
  • remove aios preferences button from firefox preferences
installations/downloads: 5040

0.7.25 - 09/24/2014 - FF 32.0 to 33.*

  • code cleanup
installations/downloads: 19161

0.7.24 - 09/10/2014 - FF 32.0 to 33.*

  • update localizations
  • small changes to default toolbar and menu layout
  • remember clicked bookmark and scroll position
  • fixes for dark themes
  • duplicated or invisible close buttons (sidebarheader, addons panel)
  • duplicated separators in sidebar menu
installations/downloads: 3574

0.7.23 - 07/15/2014 - FF 29.0 to 31.*

  • compatibility with Firefox 31
installations/downloads: 7130

0.7.22 - 04/27/2014 - FF 29.0

  • toolbar configuration for Firefox 29
installations/downloads: 17420

0.7.21 - 01/02/2014 - FF 26.0

  • tools button in bookmarks and history panel are hidden
  • downloads sidebar broken in Firefox 26 (this is work in progress; support of the new downloads manager will be improved in the next version)
installations/downloads: 12670

0.7.20 - 08/04/2013 - FF 22.0 to 23.*

  • toolbar icon mode isn't saved
  • sidebar always opens on every browser start
installations/downloads: 12606

0.7.19 - 08/03/2013 - FF 22.0 to 23.*

  • compatibility with Fx 23
  • addons wrongly marked as disabled
  • sidebar switch and toolbar visible in fullscreen mode when playing HTML5 videos
installations/downloads: 2353

0.7.18 - 08/26/2012 - FF 14.0 to 23.*

  • compatibility with Fx 15
  • Bookmarks & History: folder options are applied without the need of reloading the panel
  • different bug, code, and performance fixes
installations/downloads: 30646

0.7.17 - 07/15/2012 - FF 13.0 to 14.*

  • compatibility with Fx 14
  • inverted icons for dark background themes (personas) on Windows
  • reorganized style importing for better performance
  • different theme fixes
  • different bug and code fixes
installations/downloads: 8885

0.7.16 - 05/02/2012 - FF 11.0 to 13.*

  • performance fixes
installations/downloads: 12508

0.7.15 - 04/18/2012 - FF 11.0 to 12.*

  • compatibility with Fx 12
  • updated localisations
  • compatibility issues with GreaseMonkey
  • wrong icons on some UNIX systems
  • different theme fixes
  • different code fixes
installations/downloads: 6146

0.7.14 - 06/19/2011 - FF 4.0 to 9.0a1

  • compatibility with Fx 6.0a2
  • about tab in preferences
  • removed support for Fx < 4
  • improvements for Firefox 4
    • the search field in the add-ons manager is flexible
    • more consistent design of panels
  • new icons in preferences
  • compatibility problem with RoboForm (semitransparent bottom bar of RoboForm)
  • the Sidebar Switch and the AiOS Toolbar is hidden when closing Firefox in fullscreen mode and re-open it
  • the preference "Show the Downloads window when downloading a file" is not saved
  • compatibility issues with TotalToolbar
  • different theme fixes
  • different bug and code fixes
installations/downloads: 50847

0.7.13 - 03/13/2011 - FF 3.6 to 4.0.*

  • compatibility with Fx 4.0.*
  • improved the Add-ons Manager of Fx 4 for the sidebar
  • removed the "Install..." button from the add-ons panel by not changing the preference "extensions.hideInstallButton" (on request of Mozilla)
  • removed the Page Source panel
  • compatibility issue with Greasemonkey
  • different bug and code fixes and improvements
installations/downloads: 23590

0.7.12 - 11/17/2010 - FF 3.6 to 4.0b6

  • compatibility with Fx 4.0b6
  • about:support in MultiPanel
  • toolbars can be customized all at once - no need for separate customizing
    Attention: It's no more possible to use duplicate buttons on different toolbars. Please use Custom Buttons or Custom Buttons2 to duplicate buttons and read here for more details.
  • removed support for Fx <= 3.5
  • removed the source button of the MultiPanel
  • new icons for all buttons and menu items (only Fx 4)
  • customization of toolbars on Mac OS X doesn't work
  • different other toolbar fixes
  • theme fixes for all platforms
  • about:config isn't working in a tab if it was opened in the MultiPanel before
  • "Clear list" button of the downloads panel doesn't work
  • page info in a tab doesn't work
  • thin sidebar switch doesn't work in Fx > 3.6
  • bookmarks aren't vertical aligned when placed on the AiOS toolbar
  • page source panel will not show the correct source code if the page was sent by a form with the method POST
  • compatibility issues with Vertical Bookmarks Toolbar (no vertical bookmarks, no grippy)
  • compatibility issue with Total Toolbar (grey strip at the bottom of the sidebar
  • different bug and code fixes and improvements
installations/downloads: 43075

0.7.11 - 01/17/2010 - FF 3.0 to 3.7a1pre

  • compatibility with Fx 3.7a1pre
  • Arabic (Saudi Arabia) (ar-SA) localization (thanks to Natty Dreed)
  • Albanian (sq-AL) localization (thanks to Puntori)
  • improved Mac OS X experience
    • native toolbar icons
    • icons for subpanels of add-ons, pageinfo and error console
    • layout fixes including items not greyed out when the window lost the focus
    • enabled fullscreen options for Fx >= 3.6
  • changed keyboard shortcut modifier from Ctrl+Shift to Ctrl+Alt to avoid conflicts
  • improved compatibility with Personas (especially for Fx >= 3.6)
  • improved compatibility with Add-on Collector
  • different small improvements
  • wrong background colors of downloads and add-ons (under some circumstances)
  • Bookmarks, History and MultiPanel can be closed with Ctrl+W if used in a window
  • theme compatibility fixes
  • code fixes and improvements
installations/downloads: 98977

0.7.10 - 03/15/2009 - FF 3.0 to 3.5.*

  • theme compatibility fixes
  • key mapping conflict with default shortcuts
  • some pages zoomed when displayed in MultiPanel
  • "Automatically Scroll to Selected Folder" (Bookmarks & History) doesn't work correct
installations/downloads: 84068

0.7.9 - 03/07/2009 - FF 3.0 to 3.1b3

  • sidebarheader toolbar is fully customizable (except on Mac OS X)
  • preferences for the Downloads panel behavior when starting/finishing a download
  • preferences for enabling/disabling sidebar layout of bookmarks & history
  • settings can be copied to clipboard (Settings^ button in the options dialog)
  • improved sidebar layout of Downloads, Add-ons, Page Info and Error Console
  • removed Tools button from the Add-ons Manager
  • removed Clear search button from Bookmarks & History
  • shortcut for "Open Sidebar in Tab" changed to Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow
  • shortcut for "Open Tab in Sidebar" changed to Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow
  • improved theme compatibility
  • minor improvements of the performance and of some features
  • under some circumstances a bookmark opens automatically when closing a folder
  • sometimes the Downloads panel is empty when starting a download
  • the Downloads panel opens in each browser window when starting a download
  • sometimes a window will open for a short time when starting a download
  • cleaning the download list won't reset the downloads counter in the sidebarheader
  • sometimes the progress indication of ongoing downloads does not work correctly
  • flashing title of Downloads and Add-ons window when item counting is enabled
  • empty Add-ons Manager opens in a window after installing add-ons and restarting
  • duplicated toolbar items when AiOS Toolbar is placed above the sidebar
  • restoring the default toolbar set of the AiOS Toolbar doesn't work
  • sidebar isn't resizable when AiOS Toolbar is disabled
  • require a double-click to open the sidebar when is set to be closed at startup
  • toolbar buttons looked like activated, but no panel is open
  • issues on Mac OS X (grey strip in "Full Screen Mode", wide sidebar splitter)
  • compatibility issue with keyconfig (conflicting shortcuts)
  • compatibility issue with Custom Buttons (deactivated buttons)
  • compatibility issue with Autohide (no Sidebar Switch in Full Screen Mode, no sidebar when starting in Full Screen Mode)
  • compatibility issue with TabSidebar (sidebar hides automatically)
  • compatibility issue with FoxSaver (sidebar width is set to 0 pixel)
  • compatibility issue with Forecastbar Enhanced (horizontal items on vertical toolbar)
  • many code fixes, improvements and clean up
installations/downloads: 8986

0.7.8 - 01/02/2009 - FF 3.0 to 3.1b3pre

  • Vietnamese (Vietnam) (vi-VN) localization (thanks to Trần Anh Minh)
  • options for the about: button in the MultiPanel (about:crashes, about:cache?device=offline and about:robots)
  • removed support for the DOM Inspector, since it isn't part of the default installation
  • compatibility issue with StumbleUpon (sidebar is very wide and not resizeable)
  • small screen rendering (MultiPanel) is not working
  • Error Console doesn't open in sidebar when using the shortcut or Tools > Error Console
  • Page Source and Page Info doesn't open in sidebar when using the browser context menu items
installations/downloads: 27944

0.7.7 - 12/20/2008 - FF 3.0 to 3.1b3pre

  • Armenian (Armenia) (hy-AM) localization (thanks to Babayan Eduard)
  • Romanian (ro-RO) localization (thanks to Cătălin Zamfirescu)
  • Serbian (Cyrillic) (sr-RS) localization (thanks to Rasa)
  • complete rewrite of the toolbar code
    • toolbar can be placed on different locations around the sidebar
    • toolbar supports different view modes
    • toolbar is fully customizable (except on Mac OS X)
    • new autohide button in the sidebarheader
    • buttons in the sidebarheader can be enabled/disabled via the contextmenu
  • removed extension items in browser context menu
  • removed extension items in tools menu
  • changing the sidebar orient didn't require a browser restart
  • improved theme compatibility (work in progress)
  • improved Mac OS X compatibility
  • improved performance
  • sidebar collapsing will not work
  • sidebar switch is hidden in fullscreen mode
  • middle click on folder did not open all containing bookmarks
  • invisible toolbarseparators and spaces in customizing mode
  • sidebar panels are empty after opening and closing the print preview window
  • sidebar bounces in and out when placing the bookmark items on the AiOS Toolbar
  • compatibility issues with TotalToolbar (some small problems)
  • compatibility issue with Hide Menubar (no option for the mainmenu toolbar)
  • compatibility issue with WebChunks (WebChunks won't display webslices in its toolbar)
  • minor code fixes and improvements
installations/downloads: 11942

0.7.6 - 06/17/2008 - FF 2.0 to 3.0.*

  • compatibility with Fx 3
  • minor fixes
installations/downloads: 119229

0.7.5 - 04/16/2008 - FF 2.0 to 3.0b5

  • updated localizations
  • code optimizations
  • compatibility with Fx 3 Beta 5
  • several issues if opening a new window while the sidebar is closed (e.g. the bookmarks and the url bar doesn't work)
  • Firefox will close completely if closing the print preview with the red x button while the sidebar is closed
  • Mac OS X: doesn't show labels of selection buttons in Add-ons manager and PageInfo
  • compatibility issue with PermaTabs (extension homepages opens in a PermaTab instead of a new tab)
  • minor fixes
installations/downloads: 44517

0.7.4 - 03/17/2008 - FF 2.0 to 3.0b4

  • estonian (et-EE) localization (thanks to stabisol)
  • bookmark toolbar is vertical aligned when dragging it to the AiOS toolbar
  • full compatibility with Fx 3 Beta 4 and Flock 1.1.*
  • Flock: favorites and creation of new tabs doesn't work
  • the sidebar collapsing feature doesn't work with Fx 3 Beta 4
  • extension counting isn't correct
  • compatibility issue with MileWideBack (MWB doesn't work when AiOS is moved to right)
  • minor fixes
installations/downloads: 29120

0.7.3 - 12/19/2007 - FF 2.0 to 3.0b3pre

  • Mac OS X: Sidebar isn't reziseable, Sidebar Grippy doesn't work, toolbar can't be hiding
  • compatibility issue with Traction Control, MultiSidebar, ScribeFire, Clipmarks and Zotero (page and source viewer of the MultiPanel are not working)
  • minor fixes
installations/downloads: 52308

0.7.2 - 12/14/2007 - FF 2.0 to 3.0b2

  • arabic (ar) localization (thanks to Mohamed Ahmed)
  • belarusian (be-BY) localization (thanks to Drive DRKA)
  • croatian (hr-HR) localization (thanks to Krcko)
  • buttons on AiOS-Toolbar are vertical aligned, which saves horizontal toolbar space
  • hidden setting "extensions.aios.vbuttons" for vertical aligned menu buttons
  • setting for slim error list (Error Console)
  • setting for optimized sidebar layout of the Page Info panel (Gran Paradiso/Fx 3)
  • hidden settings for using optimized sidebar layout also in windows and tabs
    • Downloads:
    • Add-ons: extensions.aios.em.layoutall
    • Page Info: extensions.aios.pi.layoutall
    • Error Console:
  • full compatibility with Gran Paradiso/Minefield (Fx 3) and Flock 1.0.*
  • removed support for Fx <= 1.5
  • renamed some buttons (Toggle Sidebar => AiOS; Sidebars => Sidebar Panels)
  • "Remember and Focus Last Selected Folder" and "Automatically Scroll to Selected Folder" of bookmarks and history are no more experimental
  • optimized sidebar layout (Downloads, Add-ons, Page Info, Error Console) only working in the sidebar
  • settings for optimized sidebar layout are only available in advanced options mode
  • slightly re-arranged the "Panels" section in the options dialog
  • various minor improvements
  • Mac OS X: toolbar configuration will not work while AiOS is enabled
    • (the configuration of the AiOS toolbar still doesn't work)
    • the AiOS options dialog doesn't close if opening the options via the sidebar menu or the keyboard shortcut
  • progress indication of ongoing downloads may not work correct
  • RSS folders in the bookmarks sidebar will not open with a single click
  • Downloads, Extensions, Themes, Add-ons don't open in a window using PanelTab button
  • compatibility issue with Console2 (toolbar configuration)
  • compatibility issue with Personal Menu (can't disable the menubar)
  • compatibility issue with MinimizeToTray (can't open download manager from tray-context)
  • compatibility issue with Gmail Manager (stops saving form data)
  • compatibility issue with SiteBar (SiteBar not working and producing an error message)
  • various minor bug fixes
installations/downloads: 8277

0.7.1 - 11/18/2006 - FF 1.5 to 3.0a1

  • finnish (fi-FI) localization (thanks to Mikko Tervahauta)
  • toolbarbutton "AiOS-Toolbar"
  • dragging webcontent on extensions/themes/add-ons button opens the panel
  • hidden setting "extensions.aios.infotips" for informatively tooltips on toolbarbuttons
  • hidden setting "extensions.aios.gen.switch.drag" for automatically opening the sidebar when dragging webcontent on the switch
  • shortcut for "Open Sidebar in Tab" changed from Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow to Ctrl+Shift+Y
  • shortcut for "Open Tab in Sidebar" changed from Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow to Ctrl+Shift+X
  • behavior of Sidebar Switch
    • Left-click: as used before - open/close sidebar and toolbar according to the settings
    • Ctrl+Left-click or Middle-Click: toggle only the AiOS-Toolbar
    • Shift+Left-click: toggle only the sidebar
  • various minor improvements
  • shortcuts will work correct
  • toolbars which are not placed on top of the browser will not appear in the print preview dialog
  • source code/page info will open from within a javascript popup, even when they configured to open in the sidebar
  • compatibility issue with different extensions (e.g. Gmail Manager, Stop Autoplay and Tab No X) (Crtl-Tab switches two tabs)
  • compatibility issue with Tabbrowser Extensions (toolbar with setting "Below Tabs" will appear above the tabs)
  • compatibility issue with SiteBar (back-button and the url-bar are not working)
  • compatibility issue with Optimoz Tweaks (autohide feature not working)
  • compatibility issue with OutSidebar (sidebar opens not outside)
  • compatibility issue with MenuManipulator (sidebar menu entry settings are not considered)
  • compatibility issue with Boox (the root feed will not open when clicking on it)
  • possible issues in conjunction with userChrome.js scripts
  • various minor bug fixes
installations/downloads: 198244

0.7 - 10/22/2006 - FF 1.5 to 3.0.0.*

  • new localizations: lithuanian (lt-LT), danish (da-DK), spanish [Argentina] (es-AR), slovak (sk-SK), english [Great Britain] (en-GB), greek (el-GR), hebrew (he-IL), ukrainian (uk-UA), norwegian [Bokmål] (nb-NO)
  • automatically show/hide the sidebar
  • sidebar collapsing instead of closing (great performance improvement)
  • sidebar-title is now a sidebar-menu
  • MultiPanel (renamed WebPanel with new icon) with the ability to show all "about:" information
  • small screen rendering for viewing pages in the MultiPanel
  • advanced options for...
    • opening Bookmarks, History and MultiPanel in a window
    • configuring startup behavior of the toolbar and the switch
    • configuring the sidebar panel after opening the sidebar
    • setting the width of the sidebar switch
    • colored backgrounds in extensions, themes, downloads and console panels
    • hiding the "Tools" button in Bookmarks and History
    • swaping the left-click and right-click actions of the "PanelTab" button
  • Page Source sidebar with complete menubar and automatically reload
  • options for opening the Error Console, Page Info and Page Source in the sidebar
  • automatic reload feature in Page Info panel
  • buttons for "previous tab" and "next tab" in Page Info panel (good for very small sidebars)
  • full compatibility with Bon Echo (FF 2.0) and Minefield (FF 3.0)
  • special support for Console2
  • new behavior of toolbar buttons:
    • Left-click: open the corresponding manager in the sidebar or in a window (dependent on settings)
    • Shift+Left-click: open the corresponding manager in a window or in the sidebar (dependent on settings)
    • Ctrl+Left-click or Middle-Click: open the corresponding manager in a new tab (except the DOM Inspector)
  • new behavior of the "PanelTab" button:
    • Left-click: open content of tab in the sidebar
    • Shift+Left-click: open content of sidebar in a window
    • Ctrl+Left-click or Middle-Click: open content of sidebar in a new tab (except the DOM Inspector)
  • hidden setting "extensions.aios.rightclick" for enabling a right-click feature for the toolbar buttons (incl. "PanelTab") => right-click would do the same than Shift+Left-click
  • removed some features which aren't related to the sidebar: "Top/Bottom" button, "URL-Tools" button, Download Embedded Files
  • removed all context menu items except the panel submenu (disabled by default)
  • renamed JavaScript Console to Error Console (more appropriate and the official name in Fx 2.0)
  • removed all extra features from the Error Console (except layout optimization and background colors - I strongly recommend the usage of Console2, simply because it's working much better with the new features of Fx 1.5/2.0 and it fixes also many bugs of Fx itself)
  • changed shortcuts:
    • removed shortcuts for "Downloads" and "Page Source" (use the default shortcuts from Fx)
    • removed shortcut for "View Page in Sidebar"
    • changed shortcut for "Page Info" from Ctrl+Shift+O to Ctrl+Shift+P
    • changed shortcut for "MultiPanel" (formerly WebPanel) from Ctrl+Shift+N to Ctrl+Shift+M
    • changed shortcut for "Open Sidebar in Tab" from Ctrl+Shift+Y to Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow
    • added shortcut for "Open Tab in Sidebar": Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow
    • changed shortcut for "All-In-One Sidebar Options..." from Ctrl+Shift+V to Ctrl+Shift+F4
  • updated extension download links (e.g. deleted
  • new icons for Error Console, Page Info, DOM Inspector and the extension itself
  • better theme compatibility and polished most icons
  • slightly re-arranged options dialog with new "More Info" and "Apply" buttons
  • re-arranged about dialog with new "Settings" button
  • changelog will open in a new tab after installation and updating
  • code, performance and many small improvements
  • improved support for Flock
  • improved default settings (e.g. icon size of toolbar buttons)
  • improved english (en-US) localization (thanks to Ian Moody)
  • progressbar in the downloads sidebar should work correct
  • download listener leak (found using Leak Monitor)
  • the fullscreen mode will not automatically enable the preconfigured toolbars feature
  • preconfigured toolbars feature will not break the tabbar in Flock, some themes and on Mac OS
  • compatibility issues with SessionSaver (extension installation and listing of extensions)
  • compatibility issue with View Dependencies
  • compatibility issue with Compact Menu (removing entry in "Tools" menu)
  • compatibility issue with MR Tech's Local Install (counting of extensions)
  • compatibility issue with EZ Sidebar (empty sidebar menu)
  • compatibility issue with Bookmark Duplicate Detector (empty bookmark panel)
  • Mac OS: right-click functions (e.g. PanelTab) will work
  • Mac OS: the menubar will not appear on bottom of some sidebar panels
  • various minor bug fixes
installations/downloads: 44950

0.6.4 - 01/24/2006 - FF 1.5 to 1.6.*

  • brazilian portuguese (pt-BR) localization (thanks to E.R.D'Avila)
  • chinese traditional (zh-TW) localization (thanks to Willy Young, Unicorn2)
  • advanced option for the configuration of download links (extensions/themes)
  • new actions for the "Top/Bottom" button
    - Ctrl/Alt/Shift + Left-click => Go up one page
    - Ctrl/Alt/Shift + Right-click => Go down one page
  • improvements of the slim lists (downloads/extensions/themes)
  • changed the hover color of the grippy for better distinction
  • changed default shortcuts
    - GoUp (URL-Tools) - Ctrl+Shift+F1
    - Download Embedded Files - Ctrl+Shift+F2
    - Load Page from Google's Cache - Ctrl+Shift+F3
    - Search Page at Wayback Machine - Ctrl+Shift+F4
    - Show Domain Dossier (WhoIs?) - Ctrl+Shift+F5
  • changed some default settings and menu entry arrangements
  • minor improvements
  • installation of extensions should now work in any case - perhaps you have to uninstall and reinstall AIOS
  • the sidebar switch will restore correctly, even after twice toggle between fullscreen and maximized window mode
  • the button "Top/Bottom" will work with frame pages, if the scrollable frame has the focus
  • fully compatible with Stop-or-Reload Button
  • various minor bug fixes
installations/downloads: 169925

0.6.3 - 01/10/2006 - FF 1.5 to 1.6.*

  • removed "Toggle Findbar" and "Stop-Or-Reload" feature (sorry, but there were too much problems and the features had nothing to do with the sidebar)
  • better compatibility with different other extensions
  • many improvements of different behaviors
  • installation of extensions should work (report with reasonable information if it's not working for you)
  • compatible with Content Holder
  • compatible with Calculator
  • Sidebar Grippy will work even in conjunction with EZ Sidebar
  • "Download Extensions/Themes (Open all Pages)" will work again
  • various minor bug fixes
installations/downloads: 16667

0.6.2 - 01/06/2006 - FF 1.5 to 1.6.*

  • portuguese localization (removed brazilian portuguese)
  • export/import settings feature in the options dialog (new settings button)
  • [Shift+double click] on the sidebar title to set the minimum width of the sidebar
  • [Ctrl+double click] or [Alt+double click] on the sidebar title to set the maximum width of the sidebar
  • setting to disable layout changes of the extensions, themes and/or download manager
  • removed FF 1.0.x support (only compatible with FF 1.5 - 1.6* and Flock)
  • removed keyboard shortcut description in the browser context menu
  • removed configurable shortcuts for top and bottom of page (too many problems :-( )
  • optimization of the preference system and the options dialog
  • optimization of the JavaScript Console (e.g. updated the included Console Filter)
  • better compatibility with Console2 and MR Tech Local Install
  • many code improvements
  • installing a new extension or a theme will never open a seperate window
  • grippy will collapse the sidebar correctly, even if the sidebar is showing on the right side (splitter will not collapse the sidebar on resizing)
  • compatible with Toolbar Grippies - but a patch is needed, learn more...
  • compatible with Google Toolbar
  • various minor bug fixes
installations/downloads: 10435

0.6.1 - 12/18/2005 - FF 1.0 to 1.6.*

  • changelog tab in the about dialog (will open automatically after every update)
  • new shortcuts
    • GoUp (URL-Tools) - Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow
    • Download Embedded Files - Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow
    • Load Page from Google's Cache - Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow
    • Search Page at Wayback Machine - Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow
    • Show Domain Dossier (WhoIs?) - Ctrl+Shift+Page Down
    • Go to Top of Page - Home (it's a default feature from Firefox, but now it's configurable :-) )
    • Go to Bottom of Page - End (it's a default feature from Firefox, but now it's configurable :-) )
  • settings for the shortcut behavior (advanced options) will affect all sidebar shortcuts (not only F4)
  • not all available toolbars will be visible after installing AIOS
  • Alt+O don't set focus to the tools button or search box in the sidebar panels
  • better theme compatibility
  • starting of a new download will never open a seperate window (unfortunately the related issues of extensions/themes are not fixed :-( )
  • compatible with MileWideBack
  • compatible with ConQuery (WebPanel will work)
  • status of other toolbars will restore correctly (except the google toolbar)
  • status of the switch will set correctly in and after fullscreen mode
  • "Update All Extensions/Themes" will even work in the dialog window
  • tabs will not disappear, if hovering the mouse over the tabs while using the mousewheel (in conjunction with Tab Mix Plus)
  • the WebPanel will remember the last opened site, if this was a chrome page like about:config
  • compatible with GoUp and Stop-or-Reload Button (nevertheless both are needless with AIOS)
  • various minor bug fixes
installations/downloads: 18762

0.6 - 12/02/2005 - FF 1.0 to 1.6.*

  • turkish localization
  • compatibility with Flock
  • fully customizable toolbars (complete rewrite of the toolbar related code) - features, faq
  • grippy for sidebar collapsing (by default off, activate it in the view menu [View -> Sidebar Grippy])
  • old features for history and bookmarks are back: "Scroll Automatically to Selected Folder" and "Remember And Focus Last Selected Folder" (still experimental)
  • "View Page in Sidebar", "View Source Code in Sidebar" and "View Page Info in Sidebar" to the URL-Tools button
  • menu item for opening the default download directory in the "Tools" menu of the downloads sidebar
  • new and hopefully more user friendly options dialog (with normal and advanced mode)
  • thin sidebar switch if window is maximized or in fullscreen mode (by default off, activate it in the options dialog)
  • translators will decide which download links for extensions and themes are available (avoid options dialog from cluttering)
  • new "PanelTab" button: left-click = "Open Tab in Sidebar", right-click = "Open Sidebar in New Tab"
  • "Google Cache", "Wayback" and "WhoIs?" opens in a new tab (URL-Tools, context menu)
  • seperate clear button in bookmarks and history sidebar for better theme compatibility (not embedded in the searchbox)
  • enabling/disabling the combined Stop/Reload button do not require a browser restart
  • changing the minimum/maximum sidebar width do not require a browser restart
  • disabled all context menu entries by default, which has nothing to do with the sidebar
  • unreasonable items in the "Tools" menu of the downloads sidebar are disabled
  • many performance improvements - really noticeably on slow computers :-)
  • compatible with Retro Find and Findbar Basics
  • compatible with Reload Every (menu was broken, if combined Stop/Reload button was enabled)
  • compatible with Console2 - I hope :-)
  • "Tools" menu in the downloads panel will work in FF 1.5
  • the top folder in the bookmarks sidebar can be opened with a single click, even if "Close Automatically Other Folders" is enabled
  • arrows of the sidebar-switch shows the correct direction, if the sidebar orientation is set to the right side
  • various minor bug fixes
installations/downloads: 23345

0.5.6 - 10/14/2005 - FF 1.0 to 1.6.*

  • hungarian localization
  • chinese (simplified) localization
  • special support for RSS Editor and Bookmark Tags
  • special support for Enhanced Bookmark Search (toggle toolbar and "Search Bookmarks..." in "Tools" menu of bookmarks sidebar)
  • "Clear search" button and "Tools" menu in bookmarks and history sidebar
  • options for the behavior in fullscreen mode
  • keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+P for "View Page in Sidebar"
  • keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+U for "View Source Code in Sidebar"
  • buttons for applying the current width to the width settings
  • new "About" dialog
  • optimized for rtl-languages like hebrew, arabian and others
  • keyboard shortcut for "WebPanel" changed from Ctrl+Shift+P to Ctrl+Shift+N
  • combined (left-click, right-click) "Open/Close All Folders" button in bookmarks and history sidebar
  • moved options for autoclose bookmark & history folders from options dialog to "Tools" menu in the sidebar
  • moved option for WebPanel from options dialog to new "Tools" menu in WebPanel
  • the source code in the sidebar will be automatically reloaded when changing an option
  • better marking of extension, theme and download states
  • better theme compatibility
  • better compatibility with Download Manager Tweak
  • better "Tools" menus in extensions, themes and downloads sidebar
  • default behavior of the F4 keyboard shortcut is now to open/close only the sidebar and the toolbar
  • various minor code fixes
  • behavior settings for extensions, themes and downloads works correct (open in sidebar or window; not affects automatically starting of installations or downloads :-()
  • compatible with Console2
  • compatibility fixes for MR Tech Local Install (missing context menu entries, window title)
  • update-check for extensions and themes works correct (bug were only in Deer Park)
  • extension homepages open correctly if "open all pages" was clicked
  • setting the sidebar orientation should work reliably on all systems (bug were only on very few systems)
  • toggle button don't "freeze" if FF restarted with an open sidebar (bug were only on very few systems)
  • restoring the state of the sidebar on startup should work reliably on all systems (bug were only on very few systems)
  • compatible with FF 1.5 Beta 2 and 2.0 trunk (1.6.*) (fixed all known issues)
installations/downloads: 38546

0.5.5 - 09/20/2005 - FF 1.0 to 1.4

  • options to enable/disable tools button in extensions, themes and downloads
  • keyconfig reference and link in the options dialog
  • special support for BookmarksHome, Wizz RSS, Smiley Xtra, Wikalong, Chipmark, bbs2chreader
  • menuentries for Google-Cache, Wayback and WhoIs? in the dropdown menu of the UrlTools button
  • GoUp button is now "UrlTools"
  • default shortcut for Options is now Ctrl+Shift+V (old: Ctrl+Shift+A)
  • links in extensions/themes (menu and homepage url) open in a foreground tab and use a eventually existing blank tab
  • better display of the extension, themes and download sidebars (sidebars can be smaller)
  • small optical improvements of the options dialog
  • various minor code fixes
  • fully compatible with Firefox 1.5 Beta 1 (fixed all known issues)
  • fully compatible with keyconfig extension
  • DOMInspector will only be an option for the startup sidebar if it's installed
  • preferences for software updates will not changed by AIOS
installations/downloads: 21702

0.5.4 - 08/28/2005 - FF 1.0 to 1.0+

  • polish localization
  • keyboard shortcuts configuration
  • options to configure the behavior of the shortcut, sidebar-switch, toolbarbutton and close button (red cross box)
  • new Page Info sidebar (incl. button, sidebar menu entry, context menu entry and shortcut)
  • sidebar menu entry and shortcut for PanelTab
  • "Update All Extensions And Themes" entry in the extensions "Tools" menu
  • special support for Onfolio
  • Top/Bottom button
  • option to select a user defined sidebar which will be opened on startup
  • removed GoTop and GoBottom buttons
  • changed default shortcut for opening/closing the sidebar from F9 to F4
  • Page Info dialog and sidebar persist last selected tab
  • reorganisation of the options dialog
  • various minor code fixes
  • fully compatible with SessionSaver extension
  • GoUp button works correct in Deer Park
installations/downloads: 16125

0.5.3 - 08/21/2005 - FF 1.0 to 1.0+

  • korean, brazilian portuguese and swedish localization
  • special support for Navibar, liveHTTPHeaders, bioFox and KeywordBar
  • sidebar menu entry for Edit CSS (Web Developer Toolbar)
  • options to show/hide separators on the AIOS toolbar
  • options to show/hide icons in menus (browser context, tools and sidebar)
  • option to merge browser context entries to one sub menu (on by default)
  • GoTop and GoBottom buttons
  • better compatibility with different themes and Ez Sidebar's Panel menu (icons always showing correct)
  • buttons use theme icons (theme support required)
  • becomes
  • various minor code fixes
  • sidebar menu in the sidebar header now always open to the left if the sidebar orientation is set to right
  • compatible with Menu Editor extension
  • AIOS will not break the context menu
  • entries in the dropdown menu of the GoUp button will work correct
  • Optimoz Tweaks now works correct if the position of the AIOS toolbar is right beside the sidebar
installations/downloads: 15690

0.5.2 - 08/09/2005 - FF 1.0 to 1.0+

  • appearance of the Sidebars button on sidebar header improved
  • extension, theme and download titles are cropped in the center (slim mode)
  • compatibility problems with Optimoz Tweaks fixed - I hope so :-)
  • enable/disable sidebars button on AIOS toolbar and on sidebar header works correct
  • homepage of extensions and themes now also opens when the sidebar is shown as tab (PanelTab Button)
installations/downloads: 15136

0.5.1 - 08/08/2005 - FF 1.0 to 1.0+

  • dutch, russian and czech localization
  • keyboard shortcuts to toggle the sidebar (F9 - with options), Extensions (Ctrl+Shift+E), Themes (Ctrl+Shift+T), Downloads (Ctrl+Shift+D), JavaScript-Console (Ctrl+Shift+J), WebPanel (Ctrl+Shift+P) and Options (Ctrl+Shift+A)
  • PanelTab button to open the sidebar content in a new tab
  • view source code in sidebar (with context menu entry and in WebPanel [with options])
  • "Go to Top of This Page" and "Go to Bottom of This Page" in GoUp dropdown menu and context menu
  • sidebar menu and GoUp button in context menu
  • options to show/hide items in tools-, context- and sidebarmenu
  • options to show/hide items in toolsmenu of extensions and themes
  • to tools menu in extension sidebar
  • options dialog persist last selected tab
  • drag and drop the favicon in the adressbar to the bookmarks icon to bookmark the page
  • homepage of extensions and themes now always open in a new tab instead of a new window
  • combined Stop/Reload button is now disabled by default
  • options menuentry in tools menu is now disabled by default
  • various minor code fixes
installations/downloads: 8426

0.5 - 07/28/2005 - FF 1.0 to 1.0+

  • options dialog
  • options to set the sidebar orientation (please read more, if you used Sidebar Switcher before)
  • options to set the sidebar width (minimum, default, maximum)
  • options to modify the behavior on browser startup
  • some options to configure Extensions, Themes and Downloads
  • some more options... find it out! :-)
  • special support for FlickrFox
  • icons for the browser context menu
  • the toggle FindBar feature is now by default off
  • the DOM Inspector button is only enabled when it's installed
  • better appearance of the JavaScript-Console
  • various minor code fixes
  • compatibility with Ez Sidebar (please read more)
  • toggle button on Firefox toolbar works now correctly for Enhanced History Manager sidebar
  • the AIOS toolbar is now always visible when selecting a sidebar from dropdown menu (toggle button on Firefox toolbar)
  • the FindBar get focus when toggle in Deer Park
installations/downloads: 11002

0.4.2 - 07/21/2005 - FF 1.0 to 1.0+

  • alphabetically sorted downloads list (by default off)
  • fully compatibility with Optimoz Tweaks and MR Tech Local Install
  • now there is no sidebar minimum width
  • better compatibility with different themes
  • better support for other sidebar extensions (independently from language)
  • buttons from Download Manager Tweak displayed with icons and text
  • buttons for DOM Inspector and Javascript-Console hidden by default
  • compatibility with Deer Park Alpha 2 and trunk builds
  • themes list in the sidebar is now scrollable
  • works now in fullscreen mode
installations/downloads: 9879

0.4.1 - 07/15/2005 - FF 1.0 to 1.0+

  • italian, french and spanish localizations
  • additional sidebars button without dropmarker to the toolbar palette for use in custom toolbars
  • dropdown menu for the GoUp button in place of the context menu
  • special support for GrepSidebar
  • support a custom toolbar with Toolbar Enhancements
  • less CPU usage
  • evaluation toolbar in JavaScript Console is now visible by default
  • clicking on a theme/extension now always highlight that item
  • DOM Inspector works now immediately when opening the sidebar and not only when opening a new site
installations/downloads: 14698

0.4 - 07/12/2005 - FF 1.0 to 1.0+ - first public release

  • english localization - I hope it's ok :-)
  • support for Toolbar Enhancements
  • options to toggle toolbar buttons, sidebar switcher, toolbar and sidebar close button
  • support for horizontal and vertical toolbar
  • button to open/close all folders in bookmark & history sidebar
  • WebPanel sidebar (with context menu entry)
  • option to toggle javascript strict warnings
  • filter for the JavaScript Console to search within the messages
  • new toolbar for the Javascript Console with the filter field, a delete button and a tools menu
  • extra feature: download embedded flash animations, movies, music, etc. (with context menu entry)
  • switch the Find Bar on or off with Ctrl-F shortcut
  • better compatibility with different themes
  • better compatibility with lget
  • various minor code fixes
installations/downloads: 6841

0.3 - 06/21/2005 - FF 1.0

  • new downloads sidebar
  • install several extensions at one time
  • install button for extensions and themes
  • tools menu in the sidebar of extensions and themes

0.2 - 06/16/2005 - FF 1.0

  • special support for CookieCuller, Translation Panel, Scrapbook, Sage
  • new toolbar buttons (customizing toolbar palette)
  • menubutton in the sidebar header to get access to all sidebars
  • slim downloads list and counter
  • close other bookmark and history folders if opening a new one (same behavior as in MSIE)
  • extra feature: GoUp button to move up a level in site
  • extra feature: Safari-like stop/reload button
  • saving last open sidebar works correct

0.1 - 06/10/2005 - FF 1.0

  • new toolbar buttons (extensions, themes)
  • slim extensions/themes list and counter
  • better the codebase
  • better look & feel
  • easier localization
  • various minor code fixes
  • button states works correct
  • based on POTO Sidebar 0.3